Why 1:1 SWIMMING LESSONS Are Priceless

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A Teacher’s perspective On the Importance And benefits of one to one swimming lessons.

As a swimming teacher for more than a decade, I’ve taught thousands of babies, kids and teenagers and seen many situations, struggles and problems in the pool. So today I’ll discuss the importance of the 1:1 private swimming leesons to understand why they are the best option for your child.

Kids Learn Super Fast:

In my experience, kids learn to swim much faster, safer and better through one to one lessons because a kid is the center of attention of the swim teacher. The kid as well as the coach are totally indulged in the private lesson.

Lesser Distractions:

While not everyone can afford it (and while you might think I’m biased for saying this!)The best way for kids to work through any issues like technique, confidence, rehabilitation is to have one to one lessons. This is because they are less distracted and get 100% attention.

1:1 swimming lessons are priceless because they have no distractions for the kids as well as the instructor. The kids are not distracted by other kids playing in water, noise, and people enjoying water splashes. The kids concentrate on the directions given by the instructor. This results in a more productive learning experience.

Why 1:1 SWIMMING LESSONS Are Priceless

Developing Relations:

The pirvate swimming lessons offer more than it meets the eye. They also build relationships with the coach in a more mature way as compared to group classes, which often become more about playing with other kids, splashing through water, looking at other people swimming instead of focusing on the swimming lesson.

More Productivity During Swimming Lessons:

There’s nothing wrong with group classes: I actually think group lessons work well, and any type of swimming education is important and useful.

But if you want your kids to learn in a more productive way, I would definitely spend a bit more for a one to one swimming lessons – especially if they are scared of the water or if swimming doesn’t come naturally to them.

Swimming is Fun:

The main part, if not the best part, of teaching kids to swim is: fun! Learning through play is a major factor in the development of your child, and at the end of the swimming lesson, seeing your kids having a good time is fun for you too!

 Most lessons go smoothly and are full of laughter. Of course, there are always kids (maybe yours?) who are terrified of the water and fall into tears next to daddy or mummy as soon as they put a foot in the pool, but this is an opportunity – not an obstacle – to learn.

Why 1:1 SWIMMING LESSONS Are Priceless

1:1 Swimming lessons Help Building Water Confidence:

Building a relationship with kids in the water can be tricky, but it is interesting at the same time. The role of the swimming teacher is to gently lead kids to a point where they trust you, listen to your funny stories, follow your exercises, and ultimately set them up with the ability to swim well for life (it is a ‘life skill’ after all). Building water confidence is more an art than a science, a balance between fun, play and hard work.

Building Trust And Confidence:

Over the years I’ve learnt so much from kids of all ages and abilities, and I am always of the opinion that ‘kids are our greatest teachers’.

I especially admire their bravery when facing a difficult or new situation in the pool, and also their positivity and ability to not get hung up on certain setbacks: I’m sure you’ve seen a child crying and then, 2 minutes later, laughing, having totally forgotten what happened: right?

Motivation And Building Confidence:

For me, the most rewarding part of my job is being able to motivate and build confidence in kids, both as swimmers and as people in general. It’s great to watch kids improve and take small steps over time: from blowing bubbles in the water, to doing a sea star for a few seconds, to taking risks like jumping in and swimming from a short distance… And it’s cool to think that some of them may even have a future career as competitive swimmers!

Why 1:1 SWIMMING LESSONS Are Priceless

Getting Over Water Trauma:

It is very common among kids to fear water. The kid may have a chicken heart or it may be due to any past incident which gave them a bad experience. Sometimes kids also feel terrified because of some news in the media or movie they have watched.

I always try to counsel my students that swimming is one of life’s greatest pleasures. It is so fun to float in water washing away all your fears and worries. Hand in hand with the kids telling them to enjoy themselves to their fullest in their swimming lessons, and watching them get over their fears is my greatest pleasure.

Feedback to the Parents:

I personally prefer private swimming lessons because in this setting I am always in touch with the parents. I tell the parents about their child’s progress. Actually the parents and the swim coach together make a team. And this team, if they work together positively,  has the potential to make your child a competitive swimmer.

In a private setting the parents can also take regular input from the coach about the techniques and strokes he is teaching to the kid.

Child Safety And Security:

A child’s safety and security is the most important thing. A coach can give his full attention to the kid and guide him about the safety parameters that should be observed during swimming. Secondly private swimming lessons are more secure as compared to group lessons because the coach makes sure that all the safety equipment is present beside the pool.

Why 1:1 SWIMMING LESSONS Are Priceless

Private Swimming Lessons Help Developing Positivity:

Swimming is a lifelong skill that develops positivity in children. They understand the meaning of sportsman spirit and always aim to do better next time. According to my personal experience, the children getting private swimming lessons at pools are always more confident, more skilled and more competitive.

Developing Confidence For Emergency Situations:

I as a trainer always vote for private swim lessons because I not only teach the skill to the children but also develop confidence for emergency situations. I guide them properly about what situations can you meet in the pool and how to keep yourself calm in those situations. I also advise my students what measures should you take if you meet  some unexpected event in the pool, so they are always confident and well informed.

Familiar Ambiance Improve Swimming Lessons:

The fact that the environment is one less thing your kid has to process and adjust to. When your child is learning a new skill in a familiar place where he or she already feels safe, your child will be more relaxed and ready to learn. Being relaxed and comfortable goes a long way in helping a child tackle something new during the swimming lessons. 

Why 1:1 SWIMMING LESSONS Are Priceless

Psychological And Emotional Development:

I personally think that swimming is not only an exercise, it is a lifestyle. During splashing through water a kid learns different breathing techniques which they can also use in stressful conditions to stay calm and composed. 

By learning to hit the finishing line in minimum time makes them learn the importance of time utilization. By floating through cool water in hot summers teaches them how to have fun and relax themselves. 

Establishing a comfortable and controlled atmosphere during the swimming lessons can help to soothe the fears and worries of those who may feel anxious or overwhelmed in a group environment.This method of learning is great for those who are just beginning their swimming journey, or are fearful of the water, as it allows them to gain confidence and skills in a more relaxed and supportive atmosphere.

Regular Inspection of the pool:

Investing in the private swimming lessons is worthwhile because the swimming coach not only teaches your child how to swim but also regularly inspects the hygiene and safety parameters of your pool.

The swimming coaches only jump in the water when they make sure that the pool is clean and all the safety equipment is in place. He also informs you about the shortcomings of your pool and how to eradicate them.

With this exercise your child from a very small age learns about pool cleanliness and safety parameters.

Swimming Lessons For  Kids With Special Needs:

I believe obtaining individualized and tailored swimming classes for your child with special needs is the best investment you can make. These lessons are particularly helpful for the kids with physical, cognitive or sensory challenges. In such classes the instructors customize their teaching methods and use specialized equipment according to their unique needs.

Such modified lessons help these angles to enjoy the benefits of swimming such as improved physical fitness, elevated confidence, more recreational opportunities.

Why 1:1 SWIMMING LESSONS Are Priceless

Younger and Older Students:

As per my experience,in a group setting there are children of different ages and it is extremely difficult to handle all of them at once. And every child gets minimal attention separately. But if you opt for private swimming classes for your kids your child would have the whole attention of the coach.


If your child is too young, he may experience some separation anxiety from their parents. With a private lesson you can sit beside the pool and watch your kid enjoying the water or you can even jump in the pool with your bundle of joy.

Older children who are in their pre-teens or teens usually feel unconfident and overwhelmed about swimming. Their fears and misconceptions can easily be cleared in a private setting.

Specific Goals:

Before starting swim classes, you must have a clear goal in your mind about what level of swimmer you want your child to be. Either you just want your kid to learn swimming? Or do you want him to be a competitive swimmer? 


When you have a clear goal set in your mind, you can discuss it with your swimming coach about it. The instructor then starts the swimming lessons accordingly.

Customization Made Possible for Swimming Lessons:

Every child is a gift of God. Every kid is different. Every kid has some excellent abilities, and some weaker traits. I as an instructor know how the swim coaches modify our lessons that fit their needs. Your kid feels supported and secure. These personalized lessons have no stress and pressure on the kid so they take it as a fun activity rather than a mental strain.

Why 1:1 SWIMMING LESSONS Are Priceless

Final Words:

In my career, I‘ve reached a point where I know exactly what to do with my swimming lessons, what to say, what to work on, and – importantly- the right moment to do and say it. Knowing when to either stop or push on, and boost kids’ confidence in the water, comes only through having taught literally thousands of kids!

The point of this blog post was to give you a teacher’s perspective on the importance and benefits of one to one swimming lessons for your children. I hope that, at the least, you consider the many reasons to choose one to one lessons, and at best, you book one in for your kids now! 🙂 



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