Top 10 Most Amazing Man-Made Pools In The World

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Are you daydreaming about swimming in a pool right now?

We’ve compiled a list of 10 marvellous man-made pools from across the globe which might seem like the stuff of fantasy but are 100% real!


1. Four Seasons Safari Lodge, Tanzania

Screenshot 2020 06 04 at 10.03.17

What could be better than sipping a cocktail while marvelling at the animals of the Serengeti? How about doing that from a swimming pool directly opposite the watering hole where giraffe, buffalo, zebra and elephants come to drink? That’s a reality at this safari lodge, where you can also take in sweeping Serengeti sunsets from this awesome pool!


2. Aquarium pool, Bandol, France

Screenshot 2020 06 04 at 10.06.24

What’s so special about having a private pool at your house? What about having a pool literally in the walls of your house? At Villa On The Rocks, a four-storey Airbnb in France, you can swim inside the transparent walls of your residence!


3. The Library, Koh Samui

Screenshot 2020 06 04 at 10.23.21

Think pools are all blue? Think again! The crimson-mosaiced pool at The Library resort in Koh Samui, Thailand, gives the water a striking red colour. The colour of the water changes depending on the time of the day – fading from a magnificent blood-red into liquified gold at sunset!


4. The San Alfonso del Mar Seawater Pool

Screenshot 2020 06 04 at 10.26.03

The jaw-droppingly large San Alfonso del Mar Seawater Pool at a luxury resort in Algarrobo, Chile, contains 250 million litres of seawater pumped from the adjacent Pacific Ocean and stretches over 1 kilometre long. I challenge you to swim a length of that!


5. The Cambrian Hotel Pool, Switzerland

Screenshot 2020 06 04 at 10.29.15


6. Infinity pool suites, Dana Villas, Santorini

Screenshot 2020 06 04 at 10.35.33

If you’ve got a lover (and deep pockets!) then this luxury cliffside resort in Santorini is the perfect place to whisk them away! Your hotel suite has a private infinity cave pool as a balcony, where you can watch the sparkling sunsets over the Aegean sea.


7. Market Square Tower Pool, Texas

Screenshot 2020 06 04 at 10.39.40

This glass-bottom pool hangs over the edge of a dizzyingly high 153m building above the speeding traffic of Houston below! If you don’t feel brave enough to dip your toe into this pool, be reassured: it’s built from 20cm-thick acrylic glass!


8. One Eighty Club pool, Uluwatu, Bali

Screenshot 2020 06 04 at 10.42.29

If the idea of swimming high above fast-moving traffic scares you, how about swimming above the crashing waves and boulders of the Indian Ocean? This cliff-hanging glass-bottom infinity pool at a luxury resort in Bali isn’t for the faint-hearted… when you swim out to the end, you’re suspended between heaven and earth!


9. Bronte Baths, Sydney

Screenshot 2020 06 04 at 10.46.10

This oceanside swimming pool, next to the world-famous Bondi Beach in Sydney, is constructed from the rocks right next to (and fed by) the crashing saltwater waves! The water is freezing but perfect to beat the sizzling Australian sun. Avoid midday crowds by catching a sunset or sunrise from this (literally) breath-taking colder-than-cold pool!


10. Amangiri Pool in Utah

Screenshot 2020 06 04 at 10.48.52

A minimalist hotel in the middle of the desert in Southern Utah has several pools wrapped in a sandstone rock. The Amangiri Pools are surrounded by empty desert and prairies and give you picture-perfect canyon views. One soaks in this remote location and you’ll forget that anyone else exists!

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