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With all this talk of coronavirus, I’ve been thinking a lot about hygiene and health. I am not a doctor, but as a swimming teacher and coach for over a decade, I’ve seen my fair share of kids with ear infections, runny noses, coughs and irritated skin. These are very common but can be avoided!

Here are my top tips – some of which may sound obvious but you’d be surprised how many people don’t take simple steps to fight these annoying swimming-related ailments.


1. Use a good moisturiser AFTER EVERY SWIMMING. A basic one without irritating chemicals is best, although it can be tempting to cover up the smell of chlorine with heavy perfumed gels and creams, these might irritate your skin more.

At the end of my daily lessons, I apply this soap in the shower, called TRISWIM, which eliminates the chlorine smell from your body after swimming. After you dry off, use this moisturiser named JASON, my chiropractor recommended this one, it’s an organic one 84% made with aloe vera, without the chemicals and palm oils in other commercial brands of moisturiser, which can be bad for the skin in the long term.


2. Have a WELL STOCKED KIT BAG. In my swimming bag, I always carry a little toiletries case with tissues, ear drops, Savlon or some other antiseptic cream, cotton buds, antibacterial hand gel, throat lozenges, spare socks (in case they get wet) etc.


3. ALWAYS DRY YOUR HAIR after swimming, and if you can, apply AQUAGUARD to protect your hair, but also check for TRISWIM Moisturizing Repairing Hair. If you have long hair, these are a lifesaver before drying it! It might be tempting to rush out onto your next appointment, but it is essential to take the time to properly dry your hair and ears before stepping out into the wind or cold. And if you can wear a hat, scarf or earmuffs, even better. Do the same thing with your feet, drying between your toes to avoid unpleasant verrucas or dry feet.


4. If you suspect that you have the beginnings of a cold, stomach bug or verruca, DO NOT COME SWIMMING TO THE POOL! Even though pools are extremely clean places, that get bleached multiple times a day, the spread of germs can still occur in humid conditions. Better to skip your lesson and return when you feel 100% – both you and the other pool users will thank you for it!

The same tips apply to parents and nannies who takes their kids swimming: make sure to follow these tips to stick a healthy routine for the children.

5. If you have water blocked in your ear, putting a few drops of AXLETIC and massaging them to warm up and loosen the wax can be helpful for swimming.

Lastly, I often see kids blowing bubbles through their nose a letting out a giant green snake of snot! PLEASE make your children blow their nose correctly and go to the toilet before the swimming lesson starts! If you take these tips on board and make them a habit, you will always have a pleasant swimming session and help stop the spread of germs in the pool!

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