Sessions At Your Private Swim Pool

Exclusive 1-2-1 and 2-2-1 For Kids & Adults. 


IQL Level 2 Award

Our teachers have completed appropriate training and been assessed competent in Automated External Defibrillator — AED. 


Swimming Coach

We can effectively and independently plan, prepare, deliver, monitor and evaluate swimming teaching sessions.


Personal Trainer

Focus Award Level 2 and 3 Certificate with an understanding of Planning and Delivering Gym-Based Exercise.

People Trained

Years of Experience

Private Swimming Lessons and Personal Trainer London
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Swimming At Your Private Pool

Do you own a swimming pool in your house, or do you have access to one?

If yes, we would like to offer personalised 1:1, 2:1 or group swimming sessions. Either for you, your kids or babies, our swimming teachers will travel to your place!

As swimming pools become more and more popular in the UK, with some houses and buildings having access to one, we saw the opportunity to offer a door to door private swim lessons delivered to the comfort of your house or building.

Essentially, after the booking is made, we will travel to your house and get set up for a minimum of 1-hour lesson.

Details will be discussed before the booking.

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Why 1:1 SWIMMING LESSONS Are Priceless?

private swimming lessons at your house


This private swimming course for both kids and adults is exclusively delivered to your private swimming pool. Learn how to swim and master the four swimming strokes in the comfort of your own house. Swimming is a fun and effective way to relieve stress, possibly more so than other types of physical exercise. Being in contact with water, by itself, can help to loosen up both body and mind.



If you cannot attend one or more lessons, you should give notice at least 2-3 weeks before the day you cannot attend. Although we are a very flexible team, we want to guarantee the hours to our instructors, which will keep us working smoothly. Unless for medical or emergency reasons, you are entitled to only one catch-up session within the program’s time frame, in this case, a month.


We are happy to bring and store at the location (if possible) necessary swimming equipment such as a swim float, noodles, and toys. Alternatively, if you already have or would like to bring or buy your equipment, that won’t be a problem. We kindly ask you to store (noodles and floats only) in a corner or safe place in the pool, as most of our teachers travel by bike or public transport, which makes it harder to bring them to every lesson. 


Our individually-tailored workouts are built around you. They are 1:1 and 2:1 sessions with the swimming coach. They typically last 1 hour and start on warm-up, then a 15-minute circuit of different style techniques, followed by a short burnout session of various laps and sets focussing on a particular swim stroke. It also depends on your current abilities and levels, so your program will be structured around your level.


I’ve been into swimming my entire life. I first fell in love with the sport in Sicily, where I’m from, and later developed my practice as a coach and instructor in the UK. After 15 years of teaching thousands of people of various ages and coaching myself, I can honestly say that swimming is the most effective way of staying fit (both mentally and physically!) and losing weight. If your goal is to learn how to swim (for you or your kids) or to get in shape, that’s the way to go!

Swim at your own pool


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Discover our unique swimming and fitness programs that will take you to the next level, whether your goal is to stay active or losing weight we can help you achieve your goal! 

It's a lifesaving skill



It tones your muscles


Increase Athletic Performance


Core Strength


It burns lots of calories


Long-Term Results



Hello everyone, my name is Theo. I started Swimcore in 2020.

Swimcore came from combining my two big passions: swimming and education. The only thing better than diving into a refreshing pool is seeing a nervous or frustrated swimmer beam with new confidence in the water.

Swimming is in my soul. Growing up on the sunny island of Sicily, I spent hours splashing in the sea and lifeguarding in the blistering sun at my local pool. There was no bus to the pool in my small town… as a kid, I would beg my mum to drive me down dusty roads to go there every weekend! I was addicted to the energising feeling of moving in the water, of being weightless and powerful at the same time.

meet our team two

Coaching is an art that has no borders.

Coaching at its core is about understanding people, emotions, and learning principles. We are the product of what we repeatedly do the most. 

  • IQL Level 1 Award 100% 100%
  • ASA Level 2 Swimming Teacher 100% 100%
  • Personal Trainer Qualification 100% 100%
  • Water Skills Experience 100% 100%

Years Experience

People Trained

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