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Personal Trainer sessions and/or Swimming sessions. We think that the efficiency of a dry-land program with swimming program is the best combination of activities for significant results and fast weight loss, so we also offer a combined Swim and Gym program!


Learn to swim or improve your technique, either you are an adult or for your kids and babies. We’ve got you covered!

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Combine your gym workout routine session with swimming, the perfect combo for fast loss weights and muscles gain.

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Start your journey with a Personal Trainer, stop complaining about your body, do something about it, take action now.

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Best swimming coach

I highly recommend Theo, he’s been training me since I was 5 years old. I’m so grateful to have Theo as my swimming coach, he was always there to help. Nowadays I feel very confident on swimming underwater for a long period of time, and my technique has improved so much!
- Demetra

One month plan (dry land) program.

Swimcore prioritises in keeping you healthy and safe amidst this pandemic. Since most of us do not have access to a pool, they created this program in order for us to continue building our strength, especially some are required to stay home which limits our movements that may result to poor posture, frozen muscles, etc. This program also helps in getting ourselves ready to the new normal. The program uses some equipment which are already available at home such as dumbbells, skipping rope, jump boxes etc or they offer this equipment with great discount at their swim shop (www.swimcore.pro). In the event that one or two of the equipment is not available, Swimcore got you covered. They prepared YouTube videos for alternate exercise that you can do in order to complete the exercises on the program (https://swimcore.co.uk/Youtube). The good thing about this plan, you only need 1.5 hours of your day, 3 times a week. Safety instructions are also included on the plan before you start doing your exercises. What's more exciting is that, the plan is very easy to understand and it has a corresponding link for YouTube videos for actual/visual purposes. It also includes explanation on which muscle its targeting and what is it for. Warm up exercises for stretching is very helpful in avoiding any injury and this includes minutes and sets you need to do per exercise. It will only take you 4 weeks, and you will surely notice the difference it contributed to help you maintain physical and mental health. The plan also includes Top 6 Healthy Commandments which will surely help you with your diet. First week of the workout plan, since I was able to do the warmup exercises, the soreness is tolerable. Also, maybe because I was already doing my exercises everyday, it helps that I did not get any unnecessary pain. The reps are just right for the workout plan. Second week, was not able to do the Lat Pull Down and the one with the Physio-ball. I consistently done the warm up exercises and each workout has it's main target such as your strength, your mobility, and endurance. The last two weeks of the workout plan was difficult for me. Since it focuses more on lifting. Overall, I highly recommend this workout plan, as it improves your strength, stamina, endurance and mental health. Thx
- Jewel

Recommended Coach

I recommended this swimming coach. I'm his mother who writes. Since childhood, Theo has always been tied to water. He has always had great empathy for this element. I highly recommend it!
- Lina Callari

Highly recommended

I had a one-to-one lesson with Theo after a long absence from swimming. He really helped me improve my confidence and my technique! He is very friendly, direct and supportive. I look forward to more lessons with him!
- Amy