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dryland workout

Intermediate 1-month Dryland Program

Learn the general principles of dryland training programs and discover workout ideas!

Are you ready to start a dryland workout program?

This traditional weight-training involves performing a certain number of sets and repetitions of one or two exercises at a time and then moving on to the next set.

These programs are better reserved for fitness passionate, mature and regular swimmers, people who swim two to three times a week, and it can also be adapted for young people from 18 years old above because it helps them improve their technique and eventually strength in the water and to everyone who wants to have a basic understanding of dryland exercises.

There are lots of reasons for swimmers to have a dryland program. One big reason is that the repetitive nature of swimming predisposes swimmers to develop muscle imbalances. But also to increase strength which will help you move smoothly in the water.

To maximise your gains when performing a traditional workout, give careful attention to the order in which you perform the exercises.

This program comes with a 10-minutes warm-up, and a scheme of food combination for a more balanced diet and other recommendation such as breathing!

Following the warm-up, we incorporate several injury preventions and core stabilisation exercises.