Back Pain! How Swimming Can Help Relieve Back Pain

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Stinging pain in the back due to sedentary lifestyle is too common. But, wait… You can ward it off quickly with a quick swim in the pool at the backyard!

People storm off to their medicine boxes for sucking a pill of pain-reliever when they experience too much of back pain. Though seemingly easy & quick pain-relieving act, pills or tablets can’t be the answer every single time. You can try sprays, hot/cold compressions, or swimming! Yes, swimming leads to the ultimate water-based therapy for alleviating pain and providing relief.

Swimming – stretching workouts for back pain relief

The health & fitness benefits of swimming are widely known, but only a few are aware of its advantage in stretching and exercising various muscles for building stamina and strength. You can extol the wonders of swimming when you try this low-impact and non-damaging activity.

5 water-based exercises for lowering back pain

We pick the five hydro exercises to try in the swimming pool.

  1. Walking – A bit difficult, right? But, you will pave through muscle stiffness while stretching them in the water. Try walking through water for a while, if not for a long period.
  2. Marching – Have you seen those hell marches of the army? You can mimic one of those in the water while holding your single leg on the ground and stretching the other up towards your chest. Repeat these for better results.
  3. Leg straightening – Elevating the above activity by straightening your leg by 90 degrees towards your chest! This increases your flexibility after everyday practice.
  4. Stretching – Can you do superman pose in the water? Well, this is a similar technique where you can take the support of the pool-side for placing both the hands straight at shoulder-width of each other and float the straightened legs as much as you can. From shoulders to legs through the back, you can stretch it all in this exercise.
  5. Backstroke – Have you a skill of backstroking in the water? You can learn this technique and try along with breaststroke for back pain relief. Experts do not recommend butterfly or freestyle for strenuous impressions on the back.

Ready to get more serious?

Book a FREE TRIAL SESSION with one of our experienced swimming teachers and relief your back pain with swimming. You will be surprised how this sport can heal your back pain and to make you feel more relaxed, centred and healthy.

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