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Let’s face it, sometimes swimming endless laps in the pool can be boring and repetitive. It can be hard to come up with new workouts to do constantly.

That’s why adding in different types of strokes or adding funky accessories to your workouts can re-ignite your love for swimming. It’s also great to switch up your workouts as this will help to improve your strength and endurance. Check out these sets to spice up your workouts, and you will be desperate to jump into the pool for sure.

1. HIIT Workout

Sets to Spice up Your Workout

Hight intensity interval training is a great way to improve your aerobic and anaerobic fitness. Sprint for 50m, and then rest for a short period of time before repeating the sprint. Once you’ve done this a few more times, you will probably be exhausted!

Watch here one of our HIIT workout training by @eleanor_byrne

2. Short and Long Distances

Workout Set Idea

Using different swimming distances is a great way to challenge your aerobic energy system. Try a short sprint, followed by a longer swim, and repeat this cycle several times for a challenging workout.

3. Multiple Strokes

Swim Strokes

Switching up your strokes is a great way to add variety to your workouts whilst practising your swimming technique. Try a few laps of each stroke in a circuit for your next swim, or take 15 minutes to practice each of the strokes to perfect your form.

4. Accessories

Top Tips for Adults Learning to Swim

Adding some swimming accessories to your workout can immediately take it from boring to exciting. Items like buoys, floats, paddles, and fins are amazing to take with you to the pool to add an extra bit of fun. They can also be used to work specific parts of your body. You can use them in succession to create your own workout. For example, a 300m pull followed by a 200m swim with your fins and finishing with 300m using the hand paddles.

5. Take a Friend

Swimming Friends Fun

The final way in which you can switch up your workouts is to take a friend. When you’re not in the mood to go swimming, sometimes all it takes is a friend to encourage you to get your swim gear on and head to the pool. You could compete with them and see who can swim the furthest or the fastest, pushing you to the max. Competing with your friends will help you improve your aerobic fitness and swimming ability, whilst also having lots of fun.

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