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Swimming with dolphins is a once in a lifetime experience. Imagine how incredible it would be to see these beautiful marine animals in real life, and even better, swim alongside them.

Dolphins are super friendly and will be pleasantly curious about you. Several places across the world allow you to swim with dolphins safely. Here is a list of the best places.

1. Sataya Reef, Egypt

Swimming With Dolphins Around The World

Egypt has no shortage of dolphins, and several different species are often seen swimming in the sea surrounding the coast. The beautiful Sataya reef and Samadai (referred to as the Dolphin House) provide an amazing chance to swim with dolphins in the crystal-clear waters all year round. You might even spot some turtles and rare fish species whilst on your swim.

2. Oahu and Kona, Hawaii

Swimming With Dolphins

Hawaii is home to many dolphins and sea animal resorts that offer the perfect opportunity to take a swim. There have been 13 species of dolphin spotted around Hawaii, including bottlenose, spotted, spinner, and rough-tooth dolphins. There is no doubt that you will spot one of these whilst on your vacation in Hawaii.

3. The Red Sea

Dolphin Swimming Around The World

The Red Sea sits in the Indian Ocean, between Africa and Asia. Various types of dolphins, including common dolphins, bottlenose dolphins, and spinners, have been spotted swimming in the waters. Dolphins are in the area all year round, so there is always an opportunity to find one of these marina animals nearby.

4. New Providence, The Bahamas

Best Places To Swim With Dolphins Around The World

Sitting between Florida, Cuba, and the Turks in the West Atlantic Ocean, The Bahamas are an amazing place to swim with dolphins. The shallow waters offer a perfect chance for you to swim in warm waters with dolphins in a safe environment. A dolphinarium in The Bahamas called Dolphin Cay offers tourists this once in a lifetime opportunity.

5. Bihimi, The Bahamas

Swimming With Dolphins Around The World

The Bahamas also contains Bimini, which is a short flight away from Miami. Wild dolphins swim around the area where there are shallow, warm waters. If you ever find yourself in The Bahamas, make sure to take a swim with the dolphins there.

6. New South Wales, Australia

Swimming With Dolphins Australia

Australia is home to many dolphin species. With the hot weather and clear waters, dolphins are seen swimming around New South Wales regularly. An amazing resort called Dolphin Marine Magic allows you to swim safely with these beautiful sea animals for an experience you will never forget.

7. Fernando De Noronha Island, Brazil

Swimming With Dolphins

Fernando De Noronha Island is famous for its incredible reefs. With hundreds of fish species and a huge population of spinner dolphins, this area of Brazil makes for a perfect opportunity to spin with dolphins, turtles, and even sharks.

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