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Have you heard of swimming robots? Did you know about the cool new devices that are helping to keep our oceans clean?

There are lots of amazing things being created that combine science with swimming. Let’s go through some of the coolest aquatic inventions that people are using.

UC San Diego’s Swimming Robot

UC San Diego’s Swimming Robot

UC San Diego researchers have created a small 2cm long swimming robot fish. It consists of three parts – a conductive part, a magnetic part, and a middle layer between them. It also has a platinum tail that propels the robot through the water by reacting with hydrogen peroxide to produce oxygen bubbles.

The magnetic nature of the robot means that if the components come apart, they can easily come back together and reassemble. The swimming robot can ‘heal’ itself without needing humans to help!

These robots can hopefully be used to help ocean cleanups or can be used in rescue missions. There is also the suggestion that can eventually be used to create robotic hands because of their ability to repair themselves.

Robotic Devices for Lifeguards

EMILY Emergency Integrated Lifesaving Lanyard

A robotic device called EMILY (Emergency Integrated Lifesaving Lanyard) has recently been invented. It is a remote-controlled flotation device that has the ability to swim by itself to a person who needs rescuing in the water. It has a camera and a two-way audio system so that the person or people in distress can communicate with rescuers.

EMILY operates on battery power and uses a motor to propel itself through the water much faster than a lifeguard could swim. Of course, there are safety concerns with this new device, but how exciting is this? Whoever thought we would ever have swimming robots coming to the rescue when we’re stuck at sea?

Ocean Cleaner Machine

Ocean Cleaner Machine

This huge floating device was created by Dutch scientists with the aim to clean up the oceans. We all know that sea pollution is becoming more and more of a problem, but this device might help to slow this pollution down.

Known as the Ocean Cleanup Project, this 600m long machine floats in the ocean and picks up all the bits and bobs that it comes across. By ‘bits and bobs’, I mean all of the microplastics deposited into our oceans through industrial processes and manufacturing of the products we use every day.

This amazing machine can detect microplastics as small as 1mm. How crazy! And scientists are working to make the machine more efficient and durable in the hopes that it can greatly reduce the amount of plastic that is in our oceans.

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