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With swimming becoming more and more popular, people are looking for new and exciting swimsuits to wear. There are endless options available from just a simple Google search, but many of them look the same.

So that brings about the questions of which brands are stand out? Which brands offer something unique? And what makes these brand’s items special?

Some of the key factors that people consider when shopping for swimwear are the design and the material. Many pre-made designs are available, but many brands now offer custom designs for your swimsuits if you want something unique and special. Additionally, swimwear businesses are shifting their focus onto sustainability, with many choosing to use recycled materials to create their products.

Here are some small brands or websites that are offering unique designs or styles for swimwear.

1. Unika Swim

Unika Swim Brand

The first brand is Unika Swim. This Canadian brand offers both pre-made designs and custom designs for people of all shapes and sizes. Their swimwear enables everybody to enjoy the pool and feel confident.

What is great about this brand is their products are made with the environment in mind. All of their items are made using 100% regenerated nylon from the ocean and landfill waste. Their packaging is sustainable, and their production process produces with minimal waste and pollution.

2. Holiday Romance

Holiday Romance Brand

Holiday Romance is a UK brand that creates beautiful swimwear from regenerated fishing nets, focusing on reducing plastic waste and sea pollution. Their products are made from waste that gets regenerated and spun in recycled nylon.

Their beautiful designs are perfect for a holiday or a trip to your local pool. You gain confidence in your swimsuit and the comfort of knowing it is made from sustainable and environmentally-friendly materials.

3. Etsy


Although this is not one specific brand, Etsy is an incredible place to go to for unique swimwear. There are hundreds, if not thousands, of small businesses selling incredible pieces that are high quality but inexpensive.

There are options for custom made designs that can be catered to every body shape and size. Here are some examples of small businesses that can produce some amazing unique designs for you

  • YesCustomStore
  • Jigglegy
  • CustomGiftPerfect

Or, if you are keen to protect the environment and shop sustainably, several brands focus on reducing waste and using 100% recycled materials. Some Etsy sustainable brands include

  • NakaweTrading
  • Levelupgiftz
  • MeshandMoreFabrics

4. Swimcore


Swimcore is a brand new online swimming and fitness shop created by a passionate Italian swimming coach. Although they haven’t been in the market for a long time, they offer great designs at a very competitive price. They also produce their swimwear by using waste and fishing nets found in the ocean and promoting other brands such as Cressi and other popular Olympic swimwear brands. Part of their profit goes into donations for The Magpie project, an amazing award-winning local charity for homeless mums and kids in Newham.

Of course, there are loads more small businesses that offer a unique spin on swimwear. Be sure to do your research when buying your next set. Support a local small business and contact them to create a custom print for you. Or head online to find a sustainable small business to purchase from. There are so many brands that are positively disrupting the swimming industry!

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