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Do you find you get super pumper when you hear a certain song? Do you hear certain songs that make you want to jump in the pool and take a swim?

We all love a good playlist to motivate us whilst exercising. Studies show that music can help relieve stress and anxiety. Hearing your favourite songs can improve mood and motivation to get into the pool, and once you’re swimming, the music can make the session even more enjoyable.

Music is a great distraction. You can easily forget about the ache in your muscles or the burn in your lungs when you have a great playlist on. Listening to certain music can increase performance by improving power and endurance.

When choosing your summer playlist, take into account the tempo. Faster songs will motivate you to swim longer. Choosing a song with a tempo that matches your stroke rate will also help you stay rhythmic and on top of your swimming game. 

There are hundreds of playlists out there that can get you ready to smash a session in the pool. Most people seem to find dance, rap, or R&B to be the best for swimming. Here are a few that you might love.

1. Swimming Playlist (Clean)

Songs For Swimming

This Spotify playlist has some old school hip hop and R&B tracks to get your pumped for your swimming session. It includes everything from The Black Eyed Peas to Rihanna to Avicii to Lady Gaga.

Listen here.

2. Triathlon/Running/Cycling/Swimming Playlist

Songs Swimming

This is another Spotify playlist that contains over 200 songs of different genres. It includes some dance, R&B, and pop to motivate you to get into the pool.

Listen here.

3. Songs About Swimming

Songs Swimming Playlist

These songs are literally about swimming. Even just hearing lyrics about the sport might get you motivated.

Listen here.

4. Performance Playlist: Music for Swimming

Swimming Songs Playlist

This playlist is not necessarily on Spotify or Apple Music, but it contains many songs that you can save and download wherever you listen to your music.

5. Swimming Pool Party Music: Easy Listening Electronic Deep House Playlist

Swimming Songs Playlist

This playlist can be found on YouTube, and, as the title suggests, it contains a bunch of electronic house music. If this is your kind of thing, head over to YouTube and save this to your favourites, ready for your next swim.

Listen here.

If none of these playlists floats your boat, create your own! Gather your favourite motivational songs, and pop them into your own customised playlist to put on every time you’re going for a swim.

Leave a comment below if you have more playlists and song recommendation!

Thanks for reading.

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