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1. It can improve cognition

How Babies Learn to Swim

Swimming can stimulate your infant’s brain to grow. The intricate movement pattern in swimming helps to build and connect neurons in the brain. This can improve learning and language development, and spatial awareness. Studies show that children who learn to swim at a young age have enhanced literacy and verbal skills.

2. It can reduce the risk of drowning

Babies Swimming Lessons

Ensuring your baby learns to swim can help them stay safer. Although increasing swim time in children under the age of one does not reduce drowning risk, statistics show that there is a reduced risk in children under four years old.

Please note that any child should be supervised at all times when in the pool for maximum safety.

3. It can help build muscle

Learn to swim baby lesson

Swimming uses every muscle in the baby’s body, which can help them keep their head up, and move their limbs. Swimming is a full-body exercise, and it builds total body coordination. It can improve cardiovascular function, which is key for the infant’s heart and lung development.

4. It provides essential bonding time

Baby Lessons Swimming

Swimming is a great way to exercise with your little one. It also provides key bonding time between you or your partner and your infant.

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