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Why should you become a swimming coach?

Before you start any new job, you need to establish why you want to do it. If you want to become a swimming coach, you have chosen a great career!

Swimming coaches are able to improve people’s health. This job is more than just a summer gig. You can make it your career, and inspire young people for years to come.

As a swimming coach, you will earn a decent amount of money, which is an added bonus to this rewarding career.

Where to look when you’re getting started

The best place to start is looking online for courses or qualifications. If you’re already qualified, check out Google to find job postings that you can apply to or visit the Swim England website for new job opportunities.

To gain some more knowledge about swimming coaching, you could even watch some videos on YouTube where a bunch of other coaches talk through their jobs and give their best advice. There are specific swimming channels such as Swim Smooth or MySwimPro that provide amazing information on how to properly coach. They explain specific elements of swimming including the various strokes you can teach.

If you leave feeling confused after all of this research, don’t worry! You will always learn on the job and will become more comfortable and confident over time.

Swimming Coach

Top tips for working with kids as a swimming coach

Working with kids is completely different to working with adults. Here are some top tips to remember when your students are young.

  • Be patient
  • Make your lessons fun and varied
  • Do a lot of drills
  • Focus on learning correct technique, instead of mindlessly going through the motions
  • Work to build up aerobic capacity
  • Work on ability to swim long distances, then focus on sprinting later on
  • Once they’ve learnt all the types of strokes, get them to do a mixture of them all
  • Create challenges and races to keep them motivated
  • If someone does well, reward them and show others that they are a great example to follow

Be encouraging

Make sure you stay super positive with all of your students. Encourage them and praise them when they’ve done well. This is going to help them stay motivated to continue with your coaching.

It’s also great to give some critique and tell them where they can improve so that they get the best results. Feedback at the end of every session is important to help your students see what areas they can work on.

Remember that during every session, you are building a rapport with your students. If you’re friendly and helpful, they will enjoy your coaching! 

Swimming Coach For Kids

Be organised

Organisation is key for swimming coaches. You have to plan out lessons and schedule everything you’re going to teach.

A good idea is to plan your lessons backwards. Start with the desired outcome of the session, then work back to how you would teach this step-by-step. Where would you start? What elements do you need to teach in order to achieve the specific outcome or goal?

Thanks for reading. 

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